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We provide tree & Hedge care services in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and in nearby land areas.

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Hedge Trimming

Hedge shaping, trimming, hedge removal and hedge planting, thinning and renewing.

Tree Removal

Tree removal, tree pruning, topping, planting, transplant, stump grinding

About Aesthetic Tree Service

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service has over 20 years of combined tree and hedge service experience in the Lower Mainland.

We made our reputation through our uncompromising work, specializing in over-sized and extra large hedges and trees. This often includes high hazard tree removal down to animal rescue.

Safety and your satisfaction is our number one priority. It really is quite simple… Keep your customer happy to have returning businesses. We live by that principle at Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service.

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There are a few reasons why you may want to trim your hedges. Many trim for aesthetic purposes, but the main reason for trimming is to control the size of the hedge.

The beauty and benefit of having hedges are that you can grow them to look like what you want in your dreams. They can be a big part of your garden design as well as playing a role in noise reduction from the streets.
If you have a tiny hedge you may need to trim the hedge twice a year. Most of the people trim their hedges once a year.
The following guidelines should be used to determine whether your tree should be trimmed:

Your tree has grown too close to power lines
Branches that are dead, loose, or unattractive hanging branches
It has been a few years your trees have been trimmed or pruned
You would like a more aesthetic appeal
Note: if there are branches from your tree hanging near electrical outlets, you should call the utility company and they will have a professional come and trim the tree at no charge whatsoever.

When the fair weather arrives in spring and summer, many homeowners turn their attention to their lawns and landscapes. These seasons are when arborists are the busiest and it may be difficult to find a quality tree care service at short notice.


There are many reasons to cut a tree.
One of them can be a dead tree which with time can pose a hazard to the surrounding. A dead tree can break and cause substantial damage to the property or harm someone.
Another reason to cut a tree it when the roots of a tree start to damage the foundation of a property. In some cases when a tree was planted top close to the house the piping and structures can be compromised by the growing roots. Cutting a tree down, also known as felling, requires a great amount of technical skill. This is not something to do yourself and it should always be left to a trained, professional arborist. An arborist will come equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure that a tree is properly and safely chopped down.

There are numerous safety concerns that must be considered when cutting a tree down.

Cutting a tree near power lines. Working near power lines is very dangerous. Without proper procedures, you could end up knocking out the power in the neighborhood, or worse, electrocuting yourself.

Removing a tree while using the improper equipment. This is a common and lethal mistake during the process of tree removal. We at Aesthetic Tree only utilize top of the line equipment that includes hard hat, climbing equipment, safety pens, ropes, and wood chippers.

For a tree removal, you should always use a professional arborist, don’t take any unnecessary chances, give us a call now.

Vancouver Tree Service You Can Count On

As one of the best Vancouver BC tree service providers, Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service is prepared to be the one stop solution to all of your tree concerns.

We are a company that believes in transparency and customer convenience. We are the guys that go out of our way to make you happy, and of course, doing so makes us happy too. That is the most important part, period. So if you need tree removal, tree cutting, or hedge trimming in Vancouver, contact us today.

Uncompromising Dedication

A tree can die from many reasons. It could have had an infection, or it could have been over taken by an underlining issue. Whatever might have taken the life from the tree, we here at Aesthetic Tree are the go-to team to safely and effectively remove the tree to any level you desire. We have had people request only the branches be cut off and to leave the whole trunk for a later carving to be done by an artist for a forever piece of art on their property.

After our professional team works on the tree, some ask for the stump to be left for economic reasons to have a nice reminder of what was once there. Then there are customers who wish to have the dead tree removed completely including branches, trunk, stump, and roots. This would be the way to go if you are looking to replant and do not want to risk any spreading of what might have killed the past tree.

Whatever you wish, a professional tree service provider can get it done for you efficiently and thoroughly.

It is rare to find a genuine and honest folk like Yaniv whom gets the work done without cutting any corners or overcharging for services. He is prompt to the reply of my inquiry and takes the time to answer all of my tree questions. I have seen their website and is amazed to find that he was featured on the local television. He has founded his company on genuine quality work at an unbeatable price. My respect and trust goes out to Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services.

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Don’t take it from us, let TV reports and our customers tell you about their raving experience working with Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services!

Frequent Asked Questions?

What is tree removal?

Tree removal is a highly technical task and the most perilous one when it comes to arboriculture. It requires highly qualified professionals to carry on this task successfully. Tree removal often becomes necessary to maintain the aesthetics as well as the health of your landscape. It also addresses the liability and safety of the host and the neighbouring properties. It becomes particularly necessary to remove the trees growing in confined spaces or the ones that are interfering with the health of other trees or jeopardizing the utility wires, driveways, or buildings.

What should it cost to cut down a tree?

It is difficult to give an exact cost for cutting down a tree as so many factors influence it. From the size of the tree to its locations and conditions, these factors affect the cost of cutting a tree down. Having said that, the cost of cutting a mature tree usually ranges between $500 to $1,500. The average base price is usually $1,200. However, the following factors may increase or decrease this base cost:

  • Obstacles: trees that have grown into structures are costlier to remove.
  • Hazards: Trees near buildings, power lines, or homes require to be cut down with additional precautions.
  • Access: a remote tree will require more resources and hence will cost more to be cut down.
  • Emergency: situations caused by natural disasters like storm etc. might require a premium payment to get it removed at the earliest.
Can you cut down a tree on your property?

Trees are great when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics as well as a great source of shade in summers. However, they can become a nuisance among the neighbours if not maintained in a timely manner. For that matter, it is a good idea to know about your responsibilities and rights before making an abrupt decision. In case a tree’s branches hang on your side of the property then you have the right, by law, to trim the branches that extend to your side. But you are only allowed to trim the tree and aren’t allowed to cut it down or harm it in any other way, if you do so, you would be liable for up to three times the tree’s value. The common trees have a replacement value ranging from $500 to $2500 while the landmark and ornamental trees can cost as high as $60,000.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Grinding the tree stump can be easier and efficient when compared to the stump removal; however, it does leave the roots of the tree behind.

Stump Grinding Pros

  • Efficient removal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t require intensive labor
  • Doesn’t leave a gaping hole
  • The stump is used as mulch
  • Cheaper

Stump Grinding Cons

  • Probability of sprouting
  • Possibly detrimental for children
  • Decaying of the roots

Stump Removal Pros

  • Thorough removal of roots and stump
  • Elimination of health hazards
  • Easy replanting

Stump Removal Cons

  • Difficulty in removal
  • Gaping hole
  • Requires a lot of time
  • Costlier
  • Environmentally unfriendly
How often must the hedges be trimmed?

The hedge cutting and trimming frequency is dependent on the species of the hedge. However, the rule of thumb is to trim the hedges two to three times in a year during their growing season. This rule is usually applicable to the evergreens like the privet and box while the fast-growing conifers might need to be trimmed more often.

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