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Tree Care Tips By Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

Tree Care Tips By Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

The spring season is the perfect time for the plants to blossom. The weather becomes clear, and the sun starts shining. It is an ideal time for planting plants and trees and for preparing your garden for the extreme weather. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services shares some useful tips for tree care in the spring season.

Cleaning of the garden:

It is best to clean the garden first in the spring season, although it is necessary to clean the garden on a regular basis. But in spring you can clean the garden easily due to clear weather. There are leaves, fallen fruits, twigs, and other things that build the layer on the soil beneath the tree. This layer can damage the growth of the trees and also affect the soil.

If you ignore the debris beneath the trees, this will cause the fungal growth under the trees. So it is important to clean your garden in the spring season. This will help in the healthy growth of plants and trees.

Inspection of the plants and trees:

There are the chances of winter damages in your garden. In winter, the extreme cold can damage soil and the trees. Spring is time to check your trees and shrubs to identify any damages caused by the snow. It is difficult for the house owners to identify the damages because trees seem to be healthy, but they can get damaged from the root. For this, you must need the Aesthetic Tree & Hedge services, we are ISA certified and know the treatment for the damage trees and plants.

Another thing that can indicate the internal damages of the trees is the leaves. If the tree doesn’t come to the leaves, then it is considered to be dead. A dead tree needs to be removed from the garden to grow the other plants.

Insects and diseases:

During the cleaning process, it is important to check the presence of the uninvited guest in the gardens. Sometime after the winter, you can see the presence of insects in your garden, these pests can damage your trees and plants. There also some dangerous diseases that can come with the change in the weather, so it is important to identify the problem and take immediate action according to it. For the removal of the pests and diseases, you must have to use the insect killer sprays in your garden to save the trees and plants.


Mulching is very important for the healthy growth of the plants and trees, spring is the best time for the mulching. Mulching is done to maintain the moisture level in the soil; a specific amount of moisture in the soil will help the plants and trees to grow healthier and remove the chances of the fungal growth.


Fertilizing is plays an important role in the growth of plants and trees. Fertilizers provide the nutrients to the plants and trees and them in resisting the dangerous diseases.

If you want Aesthetic Tree & Hedge services to take care of your trees, feel free to call now at (604)721-7370. We offer all types of North Vancouver Tree Services.

Risk Involved In Tree Cutting For Homeowners

Risk Involved In Tree Cutting For Homeowners

Spring is considered to be the ideal time for the tree cutting activities, especially for the homeowners. Most people think tree cutting is a very easy task, but in reality, it is the most difficult. You will need the proper training for cutting trees. Although the latest machines make the trees cutting process a lot easier. But you must have to consider many things before going for the tree cutting, a single mistake can take your life, and there are many things that can harm you during the tree cutting process.

Tree cutting without any training can be life-threating. Many people get injured during the tree cutting even they had take all safety precautions. Along with the proper tools, you must have enough experience of cutting the trees if you don’t have any experience of tree removal/cutting, then don’t risk your life and hire the North Vancouver Tree Service. There are many risks involved in cutting the tree; some of them are described below:

Proper use of tools:

Cutting the tree is deemed to be a very easy task, but sometimes the tree cutting tool can be dangerous if not handled properly. Climbing a ladder and use of the trimming machines is not enough; you just have to cut the trees in the right way that no one can get hurt, including yourself. The most important thing is you must wear the safety gadgets before going to start the cutting, safety gadgets include glasses, helmet, gloves, shoes, and safety belt. Besides the safety equipment’s it is necessary to have the knowledge about the tools you are going to use. The tree cutting tools are very dangerous and can cause serious injury.

Fatal Accidents:

The tree cutting process is unpredictable, and anything could happen at any time. The falling branches can cause an accident because you don’t know the limb of the tree will fall on which side of the house. Sometimes there are power lines going over the trees that will make the cutting more dangerous for you. Even there is the chance of falling from the tree, falling from the tree can lead you to death. According to research there, thousands of house owners suffer from serious injuries, or some of them would die when they try to perform the job by themselves.

Power supplies:

Most homes have the power lines near their garden, and this will increase the risk of cutting the trees. Many professionals lost their lives while cutting the trees near the power lines. The cutting tools are made from the steel, and if the cutting machine will touch the power line. It can cause electrocution, which can lead to death. Your small mistake can lead you to death and serious injuries. So it is suggested that to hire the proper tree trimers who know how to handle the situation. They have the proper tools with the safety gadgets for the tree trimming, the most important thing is they have the experience of cutting the trees in different situations.

You can contact Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services for your tree removal needs. We are ISA certified arborist and have been in the industry for over 20 years.


Hedge Removal Practices

Hedge Removal Practices

Hedgerows are an important plant of every plantation campaign. Many experts refer to them as an ecosystem all by themselves while they may appear a dying plantation wonder to many common people.

Hedges in the current era which occur as a result of low quality maintenance and arbitrary plantation with no experience. These kind of low standard plantation schemes lead to poor visual experiences and might even ruin the beauty of a perfectly green region.

​If you look at it for the betterment of wildlife, especially birds, keeping deep hedges as a convention is way better. People are not fond of adopting new hedge plantation and removal practices. Hedge removal in gardens with twisted branches and plants concentrated into an area were tactics used to stop grazing animals from entering the premises or other security concerns, we are far beyond those times now.
Before you plant hedges and cut them properly, you should focus on Hedge removal and the soil first and prepare for a long term relationship with the plants. Areas of soil which have been ploughed properly especially soil which has a higher concentration of clay is highly preferable for hedges.

Cutting Hedges to Help Wildlife:

To help wildlife through your hedge planting and removal techniques, make sure you keep an eye on the following instructions:

Plough the part of earth before planting in a radius of 5 feet.

Try your best to create a small artificial plateau by Hedge removal of your own by arranging each tree in a considerably slanted position alongside a small hole on the other side. The hole with the tree would help to absorb moisture over time and keep the trees hydrated in dry times.

It is preferable if you utilize space and make couple of rows for the plants that have hedging whips.

Mulching the trees for better hedging is a must. You may take advantage from mulch mats or waste substances like used newspapers. Keep an eye while placing these materials so that they don’t come in direct contact with the plant’s roots.

Be aware if there is rabbit issue in your region. Protect the hedges by taking precautionary measures like wire mesh.

Maintaining Hedges Health While Cutting:

With the development of science and farming techniques over the years, there has been a significant amount of damage done to the hedges. You can often find hedges during Hedge removal with large gaps or sometimes without proper roots. All this mostly happens because of careless and inexperienced removal. You should keep in mind to only follow the best hedge removal practices.

The famously known “A” shaped hedges are famous for their ability to support the wildlife and being a better shelter for your grazing animals. One common practice is observed among gardeners these days which is very harmful to hedges. It is the cutting of hedge bottom’s vegetation during the fall season.

A good gardener would give preference to trimming the upper parts of hedges very lightly on the time of plantation. This would help its bushes to grow quickly and in a healthier manner. Hedges should only be trimmed during the time when plants blossom most i-e spring. By doing this you’ll avoid any

bird colonization among the hedges. Also, try not to perform hedge trimming on yearly basis. The equipment preferred by botanic experts for pruning is scissor cutters. If you trim in a direction once, keep it a reference and do pruning in the same dimensions for the future.

Take care of each and every hedge you’ll trim because they can usually heal if Hedge removal is done roughly. However, if the trimming is done with severe force over a regular period of time, the hedges would simply stop growing in a healthy manner anymore and you’ll be left with a mesh of uneven branches.

Protecting your Tree & Shrubs

Protecting your Tree & Shrubs

Protective measures in Vancouver can be done in many ways to ensure the overall health of your trees and shrubs. Some can be seen with naked eyes, some applied throughout the year to see results years to come. In this post We’ll be discussing two: The protection of tree’s from harmful factors like tree cutting and also against challenging weather conditions.

Illegal Tree Removal

Trees are considered to be one of the most highlighted factors in Vancouver’s natural environment. They play a very vital role in giving the city a very appealing look indeed. Especially in the areas of west Vancouver, tree protection is taken very seriously by the community because they consider trees in Vancouver to be an important part of their area’s identity.

In the past few years, the involvement of community in tree protection has increased because of the new levels of awareness about the issue. The population has been enlightened about the role trees in Vancouver have been playing towards improving the environment, eco system and overall benefits for the people. A lot of this region’s residents have expressed their concerns about no implemented laws for the stoppage of tree removal or tree care in the area on private landscapes.

However the people’s concern has been further fired up by the new rage of landscape clearance for development and building purposes in the past few years. Due to acts like these, the city of Vancouver has lost hundreds of its landmark trees in Vancouver which were once considered to be a part of the city’s history. The district government has taken care of problems like tree damage occurring through excessive sunlight or natural damage but still fails to satisfy people over the issue of exceeded tree cutting in different areas of the district.

During the past year, the district authority has organized a few meetings with the community teams regarding discussions to suggest more ways in which trees in Vancouver can be protected in the area. There is a need for a strategy from the authorities which protects trees in the longer run, a couple of decades at least.

This is the result of an increasing awareness of our greater ecological system here at home. However what to do when a tree is simply obstructing garden work, or perhaps jeopardizing the safety to those around it? First check with the local municipality for reasons qualified for a removal permit:

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When the possibility of removal license is out of the equation, not all hope is lost. Talk to us to find creative ways to trim your trees to avoid safety hazards. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service has helped many home owners create beautiful backyards for over a decade. Our landscaping ideas can catch you by surprise.

Tree Protection from Harsh Conditions:

Weather harms trees in Vancouver as much as people do and they need to be protected from severe weather conditions beforehand. Alarming temperatures, especially cold weather damages a tree by turning its inner water flow into ice and as a result, damaging all of its tissue structures. Crystals are created inside the vascular system of trees which is totally unacceptable for a healthy tree. Decreased amounts of water in a tree’s branches and system leads to slow growth or decaying of tree in most cases. If you’ve watered the soil properly in the long run, the tree’s roots are moist and contain enough water to survive through the frozen times. This is why many arborist advise for better overall care if you want your trees in Vancouver to survive difficult conditions.

During long frozen spells of winter, the cold weather has a lot of time to get into the tree’s structure and damage it as much as it can during that time. Being frozen on the outside and warm on the inside is good but if the tree is totally covered in snow and has never been taken care of properly, it can only die in the cold with ice crystals in its system. Proper insulation techniques for extreme blizzard conditions, or even proper trimming to avoid frost, proper fertilization and watering regime to ensure optimal nutrition retention through the winter months are all ways to help your tree fight the winter.

With the changing climate evident on the Pacific Westcoast, giving an extra dosage of love to your garden can just ensure a thriving garden when the weather warms back up. Talk to Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service for consultation and tree care services.

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Tree Fertilization Services

Tree Fertilization Services

Fertilization of trees is ultimately the most important factor in their growth alongside proper care. The best tree care service you could do to your trees in Vancouver is by calling up a professional tree care organization to properly add fertilizer to them. If you see dead branches, fallen leaves or certain other similar symptoms of tree decay in your garden, simply call over a professional service to come and check out the area.

These signs are obviously showing the fertilizer needs of your trees in Vancouver which need to be fulfilled immediately. The need of regular maintenance like mulching or water may be more obvious through these symptoms but if you really care about the tree and want it to be healthy in the longer run, add proper fertilizer to its soil.

People often look at thousands of trees in Vancouver in one place blossoming in a forest and make a wrong conception that trees can flourish easily without any fertilizer. However, that is one of the biggest misconceptions you could have regarding tree health and growth. There is a giant difference between growing trees in Vancouver in the forest and in artificial landscaping done by humans.

Two of the most major differences between the two are that forests can easily get their fertilization materials from naturally decayed organic matter present in the vicinity, mostly fallen leaves and tree branches. In many cases, this is also removed from urban areas when activities like construction start to take place. When you compare the soil of a forest to that of a landscape in an urban area, there’s a huge difference in their fertility levels. That’s exactly why there’s a requirement of fertilizers.

Going through a tree fertilizing plan and following proper calendar dates helps a big deal to the overall health from branches to leaves and the outer appearance of the trees as well. It helps the trees in Vancouver and plants of all kinds in recovering from any disease or insect issues they are suffering from. If you fertilize and keep the trees in good healthy shape, it’ll be easier for them to fight against viruses and diseases like we’ve explained before in our writings. The trees in Vancouver also become stronger and can survive conditions like droughts and land sliding.

Some of the most effective and common methods which are used to fertilize trees in Vancouver these days are through addition of fertilizer into tree’s soil, spreading the fertilizer throughout tree’s canopy and addition of tree junk as fertilizer to the trunk. All of these methods have their own different advantages and disadvantages which you should look upon before using any of them. However, using any method would mean at least you are fertilizing them and that is way better than not fertilizing at all.A

The injection of soil is often called as deep root fertilization by experts and works better than most. The delivery mechanism spreads fertilizer into the depth of earth below the tree at a distance of almost 1 feet to the maximum. A greater part of fertilizer through this method reaches the tree’s system.