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Life after Death in Surrey: A Tree’s Purpose

Life after Death in Surrey: A Tree’s Purpose

We all know that trees provide us with a source of oxygen. However, when a tree dies it can cause a lot of potential harm to its environment. It can affect everything from the soil to being an attraction for bugs, to possibly fuelling forest fires. When a tree dies for whatever reason it is important to take the proper measures in order to maintain the safety of not only your garden but your environment as well.

To add a personal perspective to this subject matter. I had a dead tree in my backyard. It was some sort of berry tree at one point. I remember the squirrels and birds always had a field day in it. It was impairing the health of the soil and vegetation around it. I wanted to start a garden, I have cucumbers already growing. But the soil was of such poor quality that weeds didn’t even want to grow in that spot anymore.

Eventually, I had to cut the tree down so, keep in mind when a tree dies it does have repercussions.

Tree Mortality

Recently, there has been a phenomenon being studied in the field of botany known as tree mortality. This refers to the death of in forests as well as in general.

As a tree service professional operating in Surrey I can say that there are two major causes for dead or dying trees:

  1. Extreme weather conditions.
  2. Insects trigged by the changes in the climate.

Over the past few decades, it has been reported that this phenomenon has been present in many forest types. This has been a widespread occurrence all over Canada, including Surrey. Back in the early 2000s, there was a severe drought that depleted the aspen forests all over western Canada. However, this phenomenon isn’t one that is easy to predict. It isn’t like the solar eclipse or the blooming of some sort of exotic flower that only happens every so often.

Although, with the every changing climate it is likely to continue happening, especially in areas like Surrey where there are severe weather conditions occurring. Tree mortality results in causing the forest ecosystem potential harm no matter where it happens.

The Importance of Mortality

An arborist can measure the health of trees by surveying the tree mortality in the area. Not only can it measure the health of trees but tree mortality can also provide a perspective of how it affects the carbon balance in the environment.

Drought can cause premature death in trees, this is bad not only for the ecosystem of the forest but also for the supply of wood in industries relating to forestry. Trees can only put up with so much stress before it starts to affect them. If climate conditions become too dire or the pattern of insect attacks becomes too repetitively, then it is likely to cause the tree serious health concerns. Tree mortality can occur in any region, at any time, just as long as the environmental situations support it.

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The Importance of Stump Grinding Service in Surrey

The Importance of Stump Grinding Service in Surrey

There are many reasons why you should remove your stump from your yard.

They Aren’t the Most Attractive Tulip in the Garden

The first reason is that they really aren’t aesthetically pleasing. There are ways to avoid it looking unappealing, but it is more than likely that the best option available is for the stump to be removed.

They Can Be Dangerous

Stumps can also be dangerous. If you have children then there is a possibility for them to trip over the stump while they are outside running. Additionally, stumps can also pose a liability issue if your neighbor trips over it. I think that is more than reason enough to get it removed. Another possible hazard is accidentally running into it while you are mowing your lawn.

They Still Contribute To the Growth of Sprouts

Stumps can also still contribute to tree growth. Pollen doesn’t stop once the tree is cut down. A stump can cause new sprouts to grow around it. In addition to causing sprouts to grow, it also leeches important nutrients away from the surrounding plants. It is possible that the only way to remove these new sprouts is to use chemicals.

However, there is always the possibility of using something of the holistic nature to get rid of the sprouts. Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services offers their customers a tree stump grinding service to remove the leftover stump from your yard, call us: (604)721-7370

Stumps Are Generally Annoying

The people of Surrey probably already know this. If you don’t own a weed whacker and have no intention of bending down to pull the weeds, then stumps become bothersome. It’s no fun having to bend down every time you try to garden to pull weeds out of certain crevices because you can’t get to them any other way.

They Provide a Neon Sign for Insects

Stumps also attract insects. Stump doesn’t decay at a fast rate; it takes a rather long time. My aunt currently have two stumps in her backyard and both of them have been there for more than five years. A stump can attract anything from beetles to termites and any other wood eating pest. Insects are okay when they are simply in your yard, but when they enter your home, and then it becomes a completely different story.

They Are Space Consumers

Stumps also take up extra space. If you don’t have a very large yard in the first place in Surrey, then you want to capitalize on all the space you can. The stump still has roots so that is not only space above ground that it is taking up, it is also taking up space underneath the ground that could be equally capitalized upon. If you removed the stump you would be able to do anything from maintaining a healthy garden of whatever plant you want or you can set up a picnic table for your kids to sit at.