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Fall Tips: Tanglefoot

Fall Tips: Tanglefoot

The tree is an essential part of our life; they provide us with oxygen and purify the air. It is essential to keep them protected from the damaging. Every weather can be harmful to the trees, so we have to take precautionary measures to save the trees. Extreme heat and cold can weaken the trees and result in great damage or even death of the tree. Besides the proper watering and trimming, the tree needs to be protected from pests and dangerous diseases. Tanglefoot is used to keep the trees protected from the pests.

What is the tanglefoot?

It is the sticky band designed to keep the tree healthy in the fall. Tanglefoot is a very useful and natural product used as a pesticide. It can keep the trees protected from the bugs that can damage them in the fall. Tanglefoot is commonly used to protect the tree from the worms, canker, cutworms, gypsy moths, ants, moths, caterpillars, weevils and many other dangerous insects.

Tanglefoot is a wrap, made from the vegetable waxes, vegetable oils, tree resins and tanglefoot glue. The tanglefoot wrapped around the trees to build a barrier between the canopy and the insects. The crawling insects will get stuck in the tanglefoot and didn’t reach on the top of the tree, and even the flying insects will attract towards the tanglefoot. Once the insect sits on the tanglefoot, it will never be able to move away, and the sticky substance will hold the insects and never let them go.

How to use tanglefoot?

Tanglefoot is the invention of the modern era, and it is getting popular over time. It is easy to use the tanglefoot for the protection of the trees but is require the proper knowledge about this product. You must also have some knowledge about the trees because every tree has different physical properties from each other.

There steps that will help you in using the tanglefoot:

  • First, you have to soften the tanglefoot with the help of the spatula. This will make the tanglefoot soft and mixes; it’s all ingredients well.
  • Wrap the specific area with the plastic film before applying the tanglefoot. Plastic film will keep your tree neat and clean from the tanglefoot. Apply the tanglefoot around the tree at least 1” wide. After a specific period of time, you can change the film and apply the tanglefoot again.
  • For maximum safety, you can apply the tanglefoot a few inches down of above the first band. This will built the two barriers for insects to cross.

If you ignore the importance of the tanglefoot, the insects will be reached on the cones of the tree and started laying eggs. They will also begin to eat the different parts of the tree, and in results, the tree will die.

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services also offers North Vancouver Tree Services that will help you in saving the trees from the weather and the insects in North Vancouver. We will guide you and suggest you the best suitable precautionary measures for the trees.

The advantages of investing in local tree removal in North Vancouver

The advantages of investing in local tree removal in North Vancouver

North Vancouver is a beautiful place known for its giant trees and greenery. The unbeatable beauty of walkways with colourful trees is undeniable. However, it requires special care and effort to maintain the beauty of these trees and keep them healthy. Also, Trees have a great contribution to the environment as they help in cleaning the air and provide shade to the human beings. They are the source of food and help in controlling soil erosion. They can reduce the flow of water in the floods. Trees are the greatest blessing of nature, and you must have to take care of them.

In this era of technology, no one has enough time to spend on gardening. The plants and trees are living things they need proper water and maintenance on time. If you ignore them, they will start dying. If you don’t have time for gardening, then hire the tree service providers. Also, as the leading North Vancouver Tree service providers, we are here to tell you that it’s not worth the risk to try and tackle the tree-related job on your own.

Importance of tree service providers:

Most people love gardening, and they will manage their plants and trees well. But if the weak branches of the trees will fall on your property, it can cause serious damages. The large and branches only removed with the help of the proper machines and tools. And you can’t buy all the equipment for the removal of the tree. Even if you have all the tools, you can’t be able to remove the tree from your garden by yourself, and you will need the help of someone in this task. The main thing is the risk during the tree cutting and the removing process because you don’t have enough experience of tree cutting.

If you hire our tree services, we will regularly trim and prune your trees and reduce the chances of any damages. We can easily identify the quality of the tree and will remove the weak branches and even the whole trees to avoid any accident.

Removal of the tree:

Removal of the tree by yourself is complicated because trees have heavy branches, and they are large in size. The huge trunks and roots are difficult to manage, and even it is impossible to remove a tree without the help of the tools. The tree service providers have the latest tools and gadgets, so they can remove the tree safely without damaging your property. They can charge huge prices, but a single penny worth it.


Imagine how hectic it could get if you try to do tree related tedious job on your own such as tree removal tree trimming and pruning etc. You can undoubtedly do plenty of other tasks with the time you are going to spend on such a tedious job. Here at Aesthetic Hedge and Trimming service, we are professional North Vancouver Tree Service that can get your job done in a timely manner with the use of proper equipment and relevant expertise. You will be able to save your time, effort and money by trusting us with our impeccable services.

Cleaning Services:

Cleaning is an important part of the removal and cutting of the trees. On the one hand, where trees can enhance the aesthetic of your home, too many twigs, acorns and leaves create a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up to maintain your garden’s cleanliness. Cleaning the leaves and the small branches from the garden are very difficult and need a lot of time. The parts of the tree should be properly disposed of. With the help of our professional tree services, you can get all the tree related services including to keep the trees you need to enhance the aesthetic of your home and getting rid of the ones spoiling your garden with its presence.

Tree Care Tips By Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

Tree Care Tips By Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

The spring season is the perfect time for the plants to blossom. The weather becomes clear, and the sun starts shining. It is an ideal time for planting plants and trees and for preparing your garden for the extreme weather. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services shares some useful tips for tree care in the spring season.

Cleaning of the garden:

It is best to clean the garden first in the spring season, although it is necessary to clean the garden on a regular basis. But in spring you can clean the garden easily due to clear weather. There are leaves, fallen fruits, twigs, and other things that build the layer on the soil beneath the tree. This layer can damage the growth of the trees and also affect the soil.

If you ignore the debris beneath the trees, this will cause the fungal growth under the trees. So it is important to clean your garden in the spring season. This will help in the healthy growth of plants and trees.

Inspection of the plants and trees:

There are the chances of winter damages in your garden. In winter, the extreme cold can damage soil and the trees. Spring is time to check your trees and shrubs to identify any damages caused by the snow. It is difficult for the house owners to identify the damages because trees seem to be healthy, but they can get damaged from the root. For this, you must need the Aesthetic Tree & Hedge services, we are ISA certified and know the treatment for the damage trees and plants.

Another thing that can indicate the internal damages of the trees is the leaves. If the tree doesn’t come to the leaves, then it is considered to be dead. A dead tree needs to be removed from the garden to grow the other plants.

Insects and diseases:

During the cleaning process, it is important to check the presence of the uninvited guest in the gardens. Sometime after the winter, you can see the presence of insects in your garden, these pests can damage your trees and plants. There also some dangerous diseases that can come with the change in the weather, so it is important to identify the problem and take immediate action according to it. For the removal of the pests and diseases, you must have to use the insect killer sprays in your garden to save the trees and plants.


Mulching is very important for the healthy growth of the plants and trees, spring is the best time for the mulching. Mulching is done to maintain the moisture level in the soil; a specific amount of moisture in the soil will help the plants and trees to grow healthier and remove the chances of the fungal growth.


Fertilizing is plays an important role in the growth of plants and trees. Fertilizers provide the nutrients to the plants and trees and them in resisting the dangerous diseases.

If you want Aesthetic Tree & Hedge services to take care of your trees, feel free to call now at (604)721-7370. We offer all types of North Vancouver Tree Services.

Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

An unhealthy, dead, and a diseased tree can pose a serious hazard to the septic system or your home. There are a lot of reasons why you need a tree service. From tree cutting to tree pruning, tree inspection to tree removal, you can’t do all this alone by DIY tricks like these can be very risky and only need an expert to do the job done rightly. Choosing the right professional tree service is the best thing you can do for the safety of your yard vicinity, family and your property. Here are a few reasons explaining why you need to hire professional tree service providers:


Average homeowners don’t have the proper tools and equipment to keep their garden maintained. Even you can borrow some basic tools for trimming trees, but with having the knowledge about the tools, you can injure yourself. And maintaining the trees is a difficult task so that you can hire professional tree service providers. They have the proper tools and knowledge about the trees. The most important thing is they are professional and do their job efficiently. This saves your important time and makes your garden tidy.

Knowledge and experience:

A professional arborist will be able to recommend the most attractive, suitable, and long-lasting shrubs and trees for your yard as well as have a detailed discussion regarding your tree species. They are well knowledgeable of the tree inspection and are well experienced in applying skills and techniques to recommend the right option for you such as tree cutting, tree pruning, and tree removal, etc. and experience and the knowledge is necessary for this field, because there are millions of different types of the trees and plants. A simple person can’t learn how to maintain the different types of trees in his garden.

Right Timing:

Professional tree service providers know a lot about the trees and plants than you. Trees need to be trim on the right for their healthy growth. Trimming and pruning play an important role in the growth of the trees. House owners don’t know about the exact timing for the pruning and trimming. The only professional tree service provider knows about the need of the trees. The other important things, such as sunlight, watering, and fertilizers, are also important for the healthy growth of the trees. And only the tree service providers know when and how much amount of these things you can give to your trees. The excess and lacking any one of them can damage your trees.

Hiring the best professional tree services is crucial for maintaining the tree health, provide maximum protection to your family, property, and keep your yard evergreen. If you are looking for Vancouver tree cutting, tree trimming, tree removal or any other tree-related services in North Vancouver or Vancouver, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services will never disappoint with the impeccable services. Feel free to contact them to get the job done right and experience the spectacular services.

Ways A Tree Can Damage Your Home!

Ways A Tree Can Damage Your Home!

One of the greatest blessings you will have in your beloved house is a beautiful tree in your yard. Everyone loves to have a majestic tree in their house yard that not only enhances the beauty of your home by also provides shades, oxygen, and support for a treehouse for your kids. However, if not taken care of properly, trees can have profound damage to your home. Here’s how!

Roots of the tree

We often do not pay emphasis on the roots of trees, and the potential damage they can cause seems to be the last thing on our mind. However, roots can be the primary cause of some serious damages that need to be addressed and taken care of beforehand before it worsens the condition.  When removing the trees, dealing with their roots is one of the major concerns as they can cause damage in surplus ways.

  • Soil: Even the newly forming, small roots can be very powerful! Roots can move the materials and soil of your house so that they can grow in regards to your foundation. If it continues to grow, this shifting of materials and soil can be very damaging and create weak points in your foundation.
  • Plumbing pipes

Roots can make a way to your plumbing pipes in the most unexpected ways possible. If you find unexplainable puddles of water or some water building up in your basement, roots can be the primary cause of damaging your plumbing pipes.

Damage to other trees and plants

Trees can alter the acidity level of your soil to a great extent that depends upon the type of the tree. Sometimes, people don’t pay attention and plant trees very close to each other. This often causes competition for soil nutrients, air, and sunlight. When trees don’t get enough of these resources, it ultimately leads them to die or makes them more susceptible to diseases. If you want to know which plant will grow best with your tree or if you are planning to plant another tree with your pre-existing tree, a specialist can assist you in getting your tree soil tested and will let you know which plants/tree is suitable for your pre-existing tree.

Dead trees

The understanding of your tree health can be very insightful for keeping your home and family safe from the harmful effects of the tree. Dead trees can be very hazardous for your home and family if they haven’t been removed. Even the minor crack of the dead tree can be alarming as it can fall anywhere at any time and can lead to profound damage, indeed.

Unwanted guests

You need to prepare yourself for unwanted guests such as termites, owls, squirrels, etc. once you plant a tree because trees are home to many of them. Some of the intense pests, such as termites, can cause some serious damage to your home, so you need to manage your problems beforehand. The good news is, there’s no need to worry because tree cutting, trimming, and removing full trees can help deal with this condition and provide you with the safest solution.

To prevent yourself from dealing with the aftermath of a stressful scenario, all you need is to take care of the health of your tree that definitely requires some professional help. If you reside in North Vancouver or Vancouver, don’t hesitate to take services from the very famous Aesthetic tree and Hedge services for tree removal North Vancouver, tree cutting, and other tree-related services. If you have any queries, feel free to contact Aesthetic tree and Hedge service at any time!


The Ultimate Guide To How Tree Services Save Your Property

The Ultimate Guide To How Tree Services Save Your Property

The trees are an important part of your house; they can enhance the look of your house. It is necessary to take care of your trees, especially in the winter season. Trees get affected in the cold weather. Before the arrival of the winter season you must have to take the precautionary measures to save your trees. It is suggested that to remove the tree in the winter than in any other season. In winter the chances of falling trees increases, and falling of trees can be dangerous for your property. Tree service providers can help you in saving your property from damages caused by trees.

Foundation of trees:

It is important to make sure that the foundation of trees is strong enough to bear the harsh weather. When the trees reached their maturity, their foundation becomes weak, and they will grow large. The weak foundation can make the tree fall, and the huge tree may befall on your house and cause serious injury or damage to your property. When the foundations grow underneath your home, they will destroy the floors and the boundaries of the house. You can save your house from damaging by hiring the tree service providers. They know when to remove or trim the tree, and this saves your house from serious damages.

Trimming and pruning:

Overgrown trees are dangerous and make your house look untidy. Most people don’t give time to their garden, and as a result, their trees grow in dangerous shapes. Irregular trimming can make the branches weak, and they will fall in storms. Removing weak branches can help in the healthy growth of trees. The braches or the whole tree may befall on your car or house or even on your family member. It is important to keep your trees maintained by regular trimming and pruning. A single person can’t able to trim the tree regularly, so you can hire the professional tree service provider to keep your garden maintained and prepared for every season. The tree service provider knows when to prune and trim trees and how to remove the unnecessary parts of the trees.

Prevent damages:

Everybody knows the winter season is not good for the trees and cause damages to the tree and plants. It is necessary to take proactive actions to save your house and trees from the harsh weather. The roof is the most important part of the house, and the falling branches of the huge trees can damage the roof. In winter, damaged roofs can cause other damages to your house. Sometimes the tree will fall on the wall of the houses. So hiring the tree service provider can remove the old trees, and they will cut the big branches of trees that will fall on the roof of your house. You can protect your property by just maintaining the healthy trees in your garden.

You can contact Aesthetic Tree &Hedge Services for the tree service in Vancouver. We know how to keep our customers safe in different seasons from the damages caused by trees.