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Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

An unhealthy, dead, and a diseased tree can pose a serious hazard to the septic system or your home. There are a lot of reasons why you need a tree service. From tree cutting to tree pruning, tree inspection to tree removal, you can’t do all this alone by DIY tricks like these can be very risky and only need an expert to do the job done rightly. Choosing the right professional tree service is the best thing you can do for the safety of your yard vicinity, family and your property. Here are a few reasons explaining why you need to hire professional tree service providers:


Average homeowners don’t have the proper tools and equipment to keep their garden maintained. Even you can borrow some basic tools for trimming trees, but with having the knowledge about the tools, you can injure yourself. And maintaining the trees is a difficult task so that you can hire professional tree service providers. They have the proper tools and knowledge about the trees. The most important thing is they are professional and do their job efficiently. This saves your important time and makes your garden tidy.

Knowledge and experience:

A professional arborist will be able to recommend the most attractive, suitable, and long-lasting shrubs and trees for your yard as well as have a detailed discussion regarding your tree species. They are well knowledgeable of the tree inspection and are well experienced in applying skills and techniques to recommend the right option for you such as tree cutting, tree pruning, and tree removal, etc. and experience and the knowledge is necessary for this field, because there are millions of different types of the trees and plants. A simple person can’t learn how to maintain the different types of trees in his garden.

Right Timing:

Professional tree service providers know a lot about the trees and plants than you. Trees need to be trim on the right for their healthy growth. Trimming and pruning play an important role in the growth of the trees. House owners don’t know about the exact timing for the pruning and trimming. The only professional tree service provider knows about the need of the trees. The other important things, such as sunlight, watering, and fertilizers, are also important for the healthy growth of the trees. And only the tree service providers know when and how much amount of these things you can give to your trees. The excess and lacking any one of them can damage your trees.

Hiring the best professional tree services is crucial for maintaining the tree health, provide maximum protection to your family, property, and keep your yard evergreen. If you are looking for Vancouver tree cutting, tree trimming, tree removal or any other tree-related services in North Vancouver or Vancouver, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services will never disappoint with the impeccable services. Feel free to contact them to get the job done right and experience the spectacular services.

Signs You Need To Remove a Tree!

Signs You Need To Remove a Tree!

Indeed, trees enhance the beauty of your property in addition to conserving energy, producing oxygen, and providing habitats for insects, birds, and animals! But there are a few signs that ring alarming bells when removing a tree becomes a necessity. Let’s debunk a few sings that reflect an immediate need to remove your tree:

Signs of decay or disease

A diseased tree is an unhealthy one that is susceptible to many infections and pests. In addition to diminishing the curb appeal of your property, diseased trees can also be damaging for your property as it causes the structure to become unstable. A diseased or decay tree can have a negative impact on the aesthetic appeal and landscaping of your home.

The dead tree

A dead tree needs to be removed when it no longer serves any benefits such as water retention, aesthetic appeal, and shade. Also, the structural integrity of a dead tree is compromised, which poses high risks of danger for your family or property.

Risk of infestation

If your tree is infected or diseased and will die eventually, you need to remove it as soon as possible. This is because the infected tree can pose the risk of infestation that can spread to other trees in your yard.

Storm damage

Sometimes, the high winds or storms can cause considerable damage to your trees. These severe damages can result in root failure, blow-over or crown twist, etc. Such injuries can be irreparable and can be highly risky for your property.

Leaning trees

People often don’t notice the precarious leaning of a tree over some other place until branches start falling from it. However, the leaning tree needs to be removed immediately as these can be very dangerous for your property and family too.

Cracks in the main trunk

When the main trunk of the tree is too damaged to repair, or there are visible cracks in it, the tree has to be removed before the situation worsens. The cracks in the main trunk can separate the tree in two halves by running through the stem. These cracks can pose a high risk to your property, especially during high winds, and leads to the tree’s risk to failure. These cracks, when combined with decay, can be extremely hazardous.

Decay inside the tree

Internal decay can be the root cause of many other structural problems that include falling tree limbs, the spread of infections and disease, etc. In such severe cases, the tree has to be removed to prevent any further decay.

A problematic shedder

Your tree can become a source of unwanted sap, needles, seeds, leaves, and branches. This unwanted debris can be problematic, particularly for sensitive areas like solar panels and carports, etc. For instance, the sap that falls on the car can cause mildews to grow and can also ruin the paint on the car.

Whether a tree needs to be removed or not, needs some professional services because you cannot tell that by yourself just by looking at it. Hiring a professional tree service is highly recommended to do the job safely and inspect your trees in the best way possible. If any of the signs discussed above apply to you, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services can help with the utmost perfection. The North Vancouver tree removal services have experienced staff, and you can contact their professional arborists before making the decision.

Key benefits of stump grinding, you must know!

Key benefits of stump grinding, you must know!

If you’ve decided to cut down your tree for whatever reason, one of the things that might bother you would be what you are going to do with the stump that is left over after tree cutting? Tree stumps can be annoying, unsightly, and becomes dangerous at times. Stump grinding is a service that eliminates the unwanted stump after a tree has fallen, died, or needs to be cut and is undoubtedly an essential element for your yard maintenance and good tree care. Let’s debunk a few key benefits of stump grinding!

Regain Space And Improve Aesthetics

A tree stump is never going to do your yard any favor if you prefer immaculate landscaping, neat hedges, and a tidy lawn. Stump grinding service will increase the overall value of your property instantly and enhances its visual appeal. Also, a tree stump is likely to take up a significant amount of space that could be used for other design elements for your yard. Stump grinding will help to regain backspace that remains a significant issue, especially if you have a smaller yard.

Protects Against Pests and Diseases

Tree stumps could be the source of harboring several diseases or undesirable pests. These undesirable pests and other insects can take up these tree stumps as their habitat and even multiply if they haven’t been removed. Besides providing residence to the unwanted pests, other healthy trees in your vicinity might be affected. Trees that are died of diseases leave the tree stumps that need to be removed to protect other healthy trees.

Stops Unwanted Sprouts

A tree stump may lead to the growth of several unwanted sprouts that are not only unhealthy but also looks unattractive. These sprouts can harm the valuable trees and plants in your yard by taking all the essential nutrients around them. Stump grinding can prevent the growth of unwanted sprouts hence, protecting the vicinity of your yard.


Stump grinding makes your garden a safer place to sit, walk, or play. Tree stumps pose a higher risk of injuries for your children and pets as they might not look out for tree stumps, especially the smaller ones. Stump grinding ensures the safety of your family by removing the potential hazard from your yard.

Solution To Inconvenience

Tree stumps can be severe pain for lawnmowers. A lawnmower is an expensive equipment that might get destroyed if it hits the tree stump. Stump grinding ensures that there are no stump-related hassles or injuries and is also a much cheaper option to consider rather than replacing your lawn tools.

Quick and efficient

Some people consider other options, such as putting on chemicals for stump removal. However, such processes can be quite slow and time-consuming and require a lot of care. Stump grinding done by professionals could be the quick and most efficient way of getting rid of an unwanted tree stump.

If you are looking for the best stump grinding or other tree-related services, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service can be your best bet. Aesthetic Tree and Hedge service provide the professional services for North Vancouver and Vancouver tree removal and tree cutting to both commercial and residential clients. If you have any questions regarding other tree services, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service will get to you as soon as possible in real-time.


Don’t forget to prune your trees regularly- Here’s why!

Don’t forget to prune your trees regularly- Here’s why!

Pruning is an integral part of a long-term planning strategy to protect your family, plants, and property from pests, damage, and injuries. Pruning is generally considered as a practice of removing specific portions of shrubs or trees that are dying due to lack of sunlight, diseases, pests, etc. Pruning is undoubtedly a crucial method for aesthetic purposes and healthy plant development. Here’s why it is essential to prune your trees on a regular basis!

Maintain Appearance

Hanging branches and overgrown trees can bring down the curb appeal of your property and can look ugly as well. Pruning enhances the outlook of your property by maintaining the shape of trees and shrubs.


Dead and broken branches can pose a high risk to your property and family, especially during storms. Regular pruning protects your family and property from falling branches over driveways, walkways, and other areas and also helps control vermin, snakes, and pests by reducing their options of habitat.

Promotes Plant Health

If you wish to keep your tree healthy, regular pruning is the key. Pruning involves removing excess, dead and infected branches as well as stubs. This process allows room for new growth, provides more sun exposure and air circulation for the healthy growth of your plant and trees. Pruning promotes the healthy growth of the plants by maintaining their structural integrity and balance.

Growth Control

If you want to control the growth of your trees so that you can maintain them easily, tree pruning can be the best method. However, pruning in winter season leads to a robust growth whereas, pruning trees in summer limits the growth of trees in general.

Encourages Fruit Production

During late winter, you can prune fruit trees to promote more growth in summer and spring. The tree produces more fruit with the help of its excess energy stores when they have a lesser volume to maintain.

To Improve a Vista

If the trees or its branches are blocking the beautiful views from your balconies, skylights, and windows, you need to prune your trees for a picture-perfect view. The type of pruning that is used for enhancing a view of lake, valley, or other natural structure is known as vista pruning. This type of pruning entails branches and trees that block the spectacular views of these naturally occurring splendours.

Enhances The Beauty of Your Yard

Who doesn’t love to keep their yard evergreen and refreshing with the beautiful plants? As pruning greatly impacts the appearance of the trees, you can beautify your yard through regular pruning by removing ugly sections and cutting off dead limbs, etc. Pruning is just like good grooming to your trees that not only enhances the shape of the trees but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. Hence, making your yard beautiful as ever.

Despite the numerous benefits of tree pruning, this process shouldn’t be practiced by an untrained person. Hiring a certified arborist could be your best bet if you want the job to be done safely and correctly the first time. If you are looking for the best Vancouver tree service, you can contact Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services without any hassle. The team at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services is licensed, fully insured, and bonded that can assist you with the best tree services.

Everything You Need To Know About Tree Trimming and Pruning

Everything You Need To Know About Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees require regular maintenance. The frequent trimming, cutting, and pruning of trees are just as necessary as regular watering. There are several distinctive techniques developed to nourish and freshen up the garden, which mainly includes trimming and pruning.

Even though most of us are already aware of what trimming and pruning, but there are still several things you might be unaware of. This is the main reason why Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services have put together all the information about trimming and pruning.

Since most of us know that the tree branches connect to each other in three different ways, which are collarless, codominant, and collared unions. Each one needs to be trimmed in a specific way to promote the efficient growth of the trees.


Here we have listed a few different types of cuts which will help you keep your garden healthy, clean, and fresh.


Thinning refers to the removal of a whole shoot or the branch from its origin. The primary purpose of thinning is to revitalize the plant by cutting and eliminating the over-mature, difficult-to-handle, and weak branches. If the process is performed correctly, thinning promotes the formation of new and fresh branches which tend to bear fruit more hastily as compared to the older ones.


It is a severe and intense form of pruning during which all the branches are removed to a few large twigs or at times, even to the trunk of the tree. If the process is carried out effectively, it helps in preparing the young trees for trellising and pollarding from an espalier.

Reduction and Raising:

Raising and reduction refer to the process where the low height branches and twigs are removed for the vehicles and buildings. This procedure is mainly performed to prevent the trees from damaging because of the traffic and construction.

Reasons to Trim and Prune the trees:

There are three primary reasons behind trimming and pruning.

  • Aesthetic and Visual reasons
  • For safety purposes
  • Maintain the health of the tree

Aesthetic goal:

You can’t just let the tree grow on its own. After all, it requires maintenance for healthy development and growth. One of the primary reasons why trees need to trimmed, cut, and pruned on time is to maintain its appearance. A garden full of trees which are watered, decorated and maintained regularly are more appealing to the eyes as compared to the wild bushes, right? Well, this is one apparent reason why tree trimming and pruning are encouraged.


For safety purposes:

Trees with lower and full branches are greatly affected by the construction and traffic. Thus, it is necessary to cut down the offices of the trees which are coming in the way to avoid damaging the trees.

Maintains the health of the tree:

Just like humans need regular check-ups, trees do too. To keep the health of the tree, it is essential to trim, prune, and cut it regularly. This way, the life span, as well as the health of the tree, is adequately maintained.

These are the few things every person who loves gardening should know. Trust me; it’ll help you care for your garden even better.

Why you need to hire a professional tree surgeon to get your tree trimmed?

Why you need to hire a professional tree surgeon to get your tree trimmed?

Trees are everywhere! They have abundant benefits, and no one can deny their significance in our environment. However, to keep them healthy and alive, all trees require maintenance and regular trimming. Despite your landscaping abilities, it is recommended to hire professional arborists or tree surgeons to get the job done. Are you thinking of why to spend money on pruning and trimming service while you are confident of yourself doing the job? Here are a few of the answers!

  • To keep your tree alive and healthy

Tree hazards are quite tricky to examine. Just like people become sick now and then, trees are much alike in this manner. The limbs, branches, roots and even the core of the tree can become infected or even die. Sometimes the limbs look perfectly fine, but they are completely rotten and are not safe to climb as well. Putting weight on these limbs can get you in some serious injuries. To make the tree thrive for many years to come, it’s better to ask for some professional help as these risk spots require prior training for identification.

  • To keep yourself safe from the self-inflicting weapon

Tree surgery or other procedures require the use of some heavy machinery such as hand saws, ladders and chainsaw. One single miscalculated use of such equipment or tool can prove very hazardous for you. It can cause you serious injuries if it goes in the wrong hands. On the other hand, an expert arborist or a tree surgeon company are professionals in using such tools and knows exactly how to accomplish their tasks with the proper use of machinery. They use this equipment all the year around and hence, and there’s no comparison. Risking your life isn’t worth it!

  • To grow better and bigger fruits

Regular checkups from arborists for trimming and pruning can have a massive impact on the growth of your fruit tree. It can yield bigger and healthier fruits with proper pruning. Professional tree service companies know precisely how and when to prune the tree so that your harvest is maximized each year.

  • To improve the structure of your tree

Professional tree surgeons have mastery over all the tree related things. Whether it’s about the perfectly shaped limed and branches or the healthy growth of your tree, a professional tree service company knows exactly how to maintain a healthy tree structure.

  • To prevent your property from damaging

To trim or prune your tree safely and successfully, a proper methodology has to be followed piece by piece that most people are unaware of. By not knowing exactly where to begin, you might cut it from the highest points and make the branches to fall on your property. You may even get yourself stuck in unusual situations while damaging your property.

  • To enhance your home appearance and make it more valuable

Well-pruned and well-trimmed trees can do wonders for the value of your home. If you are fond of trees, and you have many of them in your house, a healthy tree will surely enhance your home’s value and make it look amazing. The skill of well pruned and a well-trimmed tree is not known better than a tree surgeon company or a professional arborist, so there’s no doubt left that resists you from hiring them.

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