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Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Service Providers

An unhealthy, dead, and a diseased tree can pose a serious hazard to the septic system or your home. There are a lot of reasons why you need a tree service. From tree cutting to tree pruning, tree inspection to tree removal, you can’t do all this alone by DIY tricks like these can be very risky and only need an expert to do the job done rightly. Choosing the right professional tree service is the best thing you can do for the safety of your yard vicinity, family and your property. Here are a few reasons explaining why you need to hire professional tree service providers:


Average homeowners don’t have the proper tools and equipment to keep their garden maintained. Even you can borrow some basic tools for trimming trees, but with having the knowledge about the tools, you can injure yourself. And maintaining the trees is a difficult task so that you can hire professional tree service providers. They have the proper tools and knowledge about the trees. The most important thing is they are professional and do their job efficiently. This saves your important time and makes your garden tidy.

Knowledge and experience:

A professional arborist will be able to recommend the most attractive, suitable, and long-lasting shrubs and trees for your yard as well as have a detailed discussion regarding your tree species. They are well knowledgeable of the tree inspection and are well experienced in applying skills and techniques to recommend the right option for you such as tree cutting, tree pruning, and tree removal, etc. and experience and the knowledge is necessary for this field, because there are millions of different types of the trees and plants. A simple person can’t learn how to maintain the different types of trees in his garden.

Right Timing:

Professional tree service providers know a lot about the trees and plants than you. Trees need to be trim on the right for their healthy growth. Trimming and pruning play an important role in the growth of the trees. House owners don’t know about the exact timing for the pruning and trimming. The only professional tree service provider knows about the need of the trees. The other important things, such as sunlight, watering, and fertilizers, are also important for the healthy growth of the trees. And only the tree service providers know when and how much amount of these things you can give to your trees. The excess and lacking any one of them can damage your trees.

Hiring the best professional tree services is crucial for maintaining the tree health, provide maximum protection to your family, property, and keep your yard evergreen. If you are looking for Vancouver tree cutting, tree trimming, tree removal or any other tree-related services in North Vancouver or Vancouver, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services will never disappoint with the impeccable services. Feel free to contact them to get the job done right and experience the spectacular services.

The Ultimate Guide To How Tree Services Save Your Property

The Ultimate Guide To How Tree Services Save Your Property

The trees are an important part of your house; they can enhance the look of your house. It is necessary to take care of your trees, especially in the winter season. Trees get affected in the cold weather. Before the arrival of the winter season you must have to take the precautionary measures to save your trees. It is suggested that to remove the tree in the winter than in any other season. In winter the chances of falling trees increases, and falling of trees can be dangerous for your property. Tree service providers can help you in saving your property from damages caused by trees.

Foundation of trees:

It is important to make sure that the foundation of trees is strong enough to bear the harsh weather. When the trees reached their maturity, their foundation becomes weak, and they will grow large. The weak foundation can make the tree fall, and the huge tree may befall on your house and cause serious injury or damage to your property. When the foundations grow underneath your home, they will destroy the floors and the boundaries of the house. You can save your house from damaging by hiring the tree service providers. They know when to remove or trim the tree, and this saves your house from serious damages.

Trimming and pruning:

Overgrown trees are dangerous and make your house look untidy. Most people don’t give time to their garden, and as a result, their trees grow in dangerous shapes. Irregular trimming can make the branches weak, and they will fall in storms. Removing weak branches can help in the healthy growth of trees. The braches or the whole tree may befall on your car or house or even on your family member. It is important to keep your trees maintained by regular trimming and pruning. A single person can’t able to trim the tree regularly, so you can hire the professional tree service provider to keep your garden maintained and prepared for every season. The tree service provider knows when to prune and trim trees and how to remove the unnecessary parts of the trees.

Prevent damages:

Everybody knows the winter season is not good for the trees and cause damages to the tree and plants. It is necessary to take proactive actions to save your house and trees from the harsh weather. The roof is the most important part of the house, and the falling branches of the huge trees can damage the roof. In winter, damaged roofs can cause other damages to your house. Sometimes the tree will fall on the wall of the houses. So hiring the tree service provider can remove the old trees, and they will cut the big branches of trees that will fall on the roof of your house. You can protect your property by just maintaining the healthy trees in your garden.

You can contact Aesthetic Tree &Hedge Services for the tree service in Vancouver. We know how to keep our customers safe in different seasons from the damages caused by trees.


Most Effective Tactics to Save Your Trees In Winters

Most Effective Tactics to Save Your Trees In Winters

Winter season is considered to be hard for trees and plants. In winter the trees and plants need special care. It is suggested that to take the help of the arborist before the arrival of the winter. Extreme temperature creates many problems for trees and plants. Sometimes an extreme cold can destroy your trees and plants. It is impossible to protect your plants and trees from the harsh weather, but you can take precautions to save your trees in this season. Some of the important tips are described below.


A decrease in temperature can damage the roots, so it is important to insulate the roots of the trees before the arrival of the winter. If you have the knowledge about the trees and plants, then you can easily mulch the tree according to their requirement for the winters. But if you don’t have any knowledge about the trees, then you must hire the professional tree service providers. They know how to keep the tree warm in the cold season. The correct amount of mulching will keep your tree warms in hard weather.


The young tree, with the age of two years or less, can be easily drought.  If your trees have been suffered from the attack of the insects or pesticides before the arrival of the winter, then there is the chance that they will also suffer from the winter drought. Just before the beginning of the winters, it is suggested that to water your trees. You must ensure that each tree will receive a certain amount of water. Or you can take help from the tree service providers because they know the exact quantity of the water that each type of tree required.

Heavy Snowfall:

In winters, the snowfall is unpredictable; the trees with the number of the stem have the more chance of fall due to heavy snow. When the snow freezes on the trees, they will fall apart. Try to remove the snow from the trees to save them from falling. Removing snow from the trees is a very difficult task. The professional tree services provider has the machines and equipment so that they will remove the snow after the snowfall.

Weak Branches:

Pruning and trimming are necessary for the healthy growth of the trees. Before the arrival of the winter, make sure you have removed the weak branches of the trees. You can hire the arborist to cable the branches; this saves them from falling in the winter season. Excess of cold can make the branches weak, which results in falling. This saves your trees and even your house and family also. Falling branches can cause serious injuries or can damage your house.

If you want to keep your tree safe in winters, then hire Vancouver tree service (Aesthetic Tree &Hedge Services). We have a special team of professionals who know how to keep your trees protect in the winters. We have the latest tools for trimming and pruning.




All You Need to Know When Hiring an Arborist

All You Need to Know When Hiring an Arborist

Arborist plays an important role in defining the look of your garden; if you choose the wrong person, he will destroy your garden in a few minutes. Before allowing any person to enter your garden make sure about a few things such as the person must have the specific types of equipment with the knowledge about the trees. You should ask them about the following things before going to hire them.


Most people ignore to ask their tree service providers to show their certificates. The companies that have a good reputation have the proper licenses and certificates from the regulatory authorities, which show their professionalism. Tree works are not simple; there are many risks involved in this profession. Insurance is a compulsory element that you must check form your tree service providers. The main benefit of hiring the arborist with the insurance is if any injury or damage to property happens the insurance company will pay the expenses. The certified arborists know the different types of trees and how to deal with them.


Certification is important, but the experience matters a lot. To know about the experience of the arborist, you should ask them a few questions like, how many years you have been providing services in this particular industry? From which institute you get the training? And from where you get certificates?
Most people hesitate to ask their tree service providers about their experience. Almost every tree service providing companies are the same, but they are different in providing services. In the tree services business, there are many situations that you can handle when you have a particular experience. It seems to be very easy to remove trees, but pruning and trimming need skills. Some companies may have expert skills in removing the trees, and they don’t have any experience in tree pruning or asking them about different services can save you from a big loss. A small mistake in these services can cause serious injury or damage to your property.

Reputation in the market:

In this era of technology, we can easily find every type of information online. Almost every tree service provider has their websites. So it is very easy to check the reviews about the services of that particular company. Customer reviews are the best technique to check the reputation of the company in the market. And you can also check the services that the company offers, and the number of projects that the company has done in past years.


It is necessary to have the all equipment foe providing the tree services; without the proper tools and equipment’s the arborist can’t perform well. Before hiring the tree service providers make sure they have the proper tools. The important tools consist of cutters, scissors, aerial lifts, ladders, and many other tools.
Aesthetic Tree &Hedge Services provides the best North Vancouver arborist. We have highly experienced arborist with the certified training. We always try to deliver the quality of services, feel free to contact us for any kind of tree-related services.

Diseases and Insects in the Trees of West Vancouver

Diseases and Insects in the Trees of West Vancouver


Trees can contract diseases just like humans can. However, unlike humans, trees can only contract a disease if three aspects are present. In order for a tree to become sick, a pathogen has to be present, it must also be susceptible to this particular pathogen, and finally, it must also be in an environment that would suit its growth. It is easier to think of pathogens like they are any other type of plant life. A plant needs a suitable environment to grow, if it does not, it will not flourish.

Plants vary when it comes to what pathogens they are susceptible to. It has become more common to plant vegetation that is pathogen-resistant in West Vancouver. However, even if the plant is susceptible to the pathogens that are attacking it, the environment has to be the right one in order for the pathogen to take effect and cause it harm.

There are two types of pathogens that commonly attack plants in West Vancouver amongst other areas. Those are living and nonliving agents. Basically what that means is that they can either be infectious or non-infectious agents that can harm the plant.

There are a variety of infectious and non-infectious pathogens. Examples of infectious agents are fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Non-infectious pathogens account for 70-80 percent of all of the problems that plants are exposed to. This includes anything from vandalism to fluctuations in the nutrients that the plant is absorbing. Non-infectious agents can sometimes display similar symptoms to those of the infectious agents. It’s important to differentiate between these two in order to properly treat the plant.


On the topic of insects though, they get a bit picky. Certain insects are attracted on a higher level to trees and shrubs. This attraction results in injury and damage to the plant the insect is attacking. Insects are able to stunt the growth of trees by denudating them of the trees and sucking on the sap. If the insect burrows into the tree through either the branches or the trunk then it can affect the ability of the sap to flow. In additional, it also weakens the structure of the tree itself. It is also possible that some insects carry diseases that target plants. However, the insect attack is usually the least of the trees worries compared to the actual stress it undergoes or the pathogen that attaches itself to the tree or plant.

Gardeners need to keep in mind that not all bugs are meant to bring destruction upon your lovely garden sanctuaries. Some bugs, like ladybugs, are actually the best friends of plants. Insects, like bees, can help pollinate the plant. Some insects also act as a defense system to other insects that want to feast on its greenery. Have you ever noticed how the leaves of your plants look like they have holes in them? Those are most commonly caused by aphids. Who, of the insect species, eat these little green terrors? Well, lady bugs of course. So, the next time one lands on your finger, instead of swatting it away make a wish or let it join your garden. Before you make the decision to harm any type of insect, you should always catch up on your research of it. You don’t always have to use chemicals; you can also use holistic measures to rid yourself of the little pests.

Eating Methods

An interesting fact about insects is that they can be separated into three different categories involving how they eat. These categories are as follows, chewing, sucking, and boring. The insects have specific characteristics to help you determine which little critter is causing you all this trouble and how to treat it properly.

If you have any doubt about how to care for your trees and plants give us a call at (604)721-7370 or just leave your contact information on our contact us page.

Each category will now be broken down into specifics so it will help you narrow down what is attacking your plants.


Chewing insects are known mostly for eating plant tissue. This includes leaves, flowers, buds, and twigs. If you notice margins that are uneven or broken, leaves becoming skeletonized, or leaf mining then you have a variety of insect that is characterized by chewing. A few examples of these insects are beetles and caterpillars. If you picture the Hungry Caterpillar book then you are on the right track here.


Sucking insects, however, insert their beaks into the part of the plant they are eating from and feed off of their juices. An example of a sucking insect is an aphid. You can identify the damage done by these insects by determining if there is any discoloration, drooping or wilting, leaf spots, honeydew, or the general lack of vigor in the plant.


Boring insects spend their time feeding underneath the bark of trees as larvae. Some of these insects kill twigs and others when they first hatch into larvae bore into the stem and develop there.


In order to treat an insect problem, you first need to determine what type of insect it is. In addition, you also need to consider the extent of the problem at hand, any other factors that may contribute to the situation, and the regulations of your city.

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