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We are providing Tree Removal and Trimming service in North Vancouver for 10+ years. Accredited and fully insured to meet your tree removal needs.

Our Services

Hedge Trimming

Hedge shaping, trimming, hedge removal and hedge planting, thinning and renewing.

Lawn installation & Landscaping

We take care of all of your gardening needs.

Tree Removal

Tree removal, tree pruning, topping, planting, transplant, stump grinding.

Tree Services

We will assist you with all your tree needs. Our tree service includes removal, tree care, stump grinding & tree removal, tree pruning & trimming, tree planting, deep root tree fertilization, and emergency tree service.

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About Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services North Vancouver

Aesthetic Tree Service uses the latest and most advanced advances and technologies commonly used in garden management and tree industry  to provide all customers in North Vancouver, British Columbia with excellent results and a high level of service. We also reduce the likelihood of an accident by making maximum security measures. Our tree care professionals and BBB accredited arborists have the experience and knowledge of the entire tree world, how your trees fit into your environment, and what is best for your tree. At Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, we consider each tree as a part of your landscape, and therefore we take our time and effort to care for it as one way of keeping with your whole scenery. Our skilled team of arborists not only have experience with design and maintenance but also with tree care.
At Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, safety comes first. We are an insured, licensed, and bonded organization, We deliver assuredly to our clients zero liability during the time of working on their project. Contact the office today for any tree service need or enquiries related to trees. You never want an tree removal process to hurt you. So get your job done with us.  We have the best solution! Hire us today for affordable registration services.

Trusted North Vancouver Tree Service

Do you know that you can give your trees new heights if they’re looking a little scraggier than healthy? Yes, you could be that intentional. Our professional team are at your service for services ranging from: tree removal, tree care, stump grinding & removal, tree pruning & trimming, tree planting, deep root tree fertilization, emergency tree service and since we are all out to make you happy whatever service we can offer you on the field would be gladly executed.

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is an art and science with a significant effect on your trees’ longevity and health. For a drastic improvement of the safety of your trees, tree trimming is essential, and you may need a tree expert to do it efficiently and at the right time of the year. As your case may be (limbs interfering with structures and utilities poor tree structure, storm-damaged trees, weak or hazardous limbs, limbs obstructing streets and sidewalks, or poor light filtration to turf or beds) a tree expert can get you covered.

Tree Removal

We prefer to use Cabling and Bracing for tree removal in most cases. It is necessary to inspect the tree’s weak spots since they put your guests and property in danger. There are high chances for large weak branches to cause damage to your property and even injure your loved ones. Make a call for an inspection of tree removal and let the tree experts do the exercise for you with high safety.

Stump Grinding

Its no news that old stumps limit landscape efficiency, houses insects and diminishes aesthetics. At Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, we grind stumps to 1 to 3 inches below grade, hence making it possible for you to work around it as the roots keep decomposing. Our main aim is to ensure that your landscape remains as safe as possible. We use a small stump essential in reducing the impact on your yard, work to get the task done correctly and not at the expense of your landscape grass or shrubs.

Our Customer Trusted Reviews

Jonathan Ma
Jonathan Ma
18:20 11 Dec 19
I haven't met Yaniv in person but we spoke on the phone many times, and you can tell he is a person of integrity and quality. I described the work we needed (pruning/cutting back 3 trees on our property) and he came by and gave me a quote over the phone. Once agreed, he came on the specified date and time and did an excellent job. I thought the price was very reasonable also. Have recommended him to neighbours/family/friends already! Thanks Yaniv!read more
Kevin Baldwinson
Kevin Baldwinson
22:52 04 Dec 19
Excellent service. The new tree looks great in the backyard. Highly recommended.
Jennifer Hamilton
Jennifer Hamilton
00:55 11 Oct 19
Yaniv did a great job giving my beautiful large tree a hard prune so it won't be a hazard to our house (it was planted a little too close to the house 18 years ago). He has a great eye and offered suggestions to achieve what I wanted while ensuring the tree will continue to be beautiful and have a natural shape. They took away all the cuttings and even cleaned up some grass that the raccoons have been digging up. Highly more
Marlene Burrows
Marlene Burrows
18:24 11 Sep 19
We are very pleased with the work done by Yaniv and his team. He was quick to respond to my inquiry and schedule a time. They did a great job and my trees look cleaner and my garden receives much more light now. Thank you!read more
Patrick Furey
Patrick Furey
03:31 05 Sep 19
Yaniv and his team are extremely professional, efficient and diligent. They did an excellent job with our yard and we are very happy with their services. We highly recommend Aesthetic Tree & Hedge more
Katherine Bruce
Katherine Bruce
02:53 29 Jul 19
I was concerned about a leaning plum tree and Yaniv gave me a very reasonable quote, and the tree disappeared within a day. Such a good job we didn't even know they had been here until later and say there was no more tree. Then in the windstorm a magnolia tree started to fall and he was here, trimmed and shaped it, and it's doing great (2nd bloom this year). Absolutely recommend them!read more
Angela Sasso
Angela Sasso
02:01 24 Jul 19
We needed a few trees pruned and Yaniv was quick to respond, quick to quote and quick to get the job done. He and his staff were professional, left the yard clean, and even did a little minor gutter cleaning as an extra. I would highly recommend Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services. Thank you Yaniv for your more
Mylene Neveu
Mylene Neveu
00:14 20 May 19
Fair pricing,Great work .they arrived in time and got the job done . Highly recommended
glen thompson
glen thompson
05:19 20 Apr 19
Yaniv and his team are very professional, do excellent work, and do it all for a fair price! Would highly recommend that you give them a more
17:00 03 Apr 19
Delayed review here: Highly recommend for excellent diligent service. We've had Yaniv trim our trees the last few years. He and his colleague do an excellent job. His quotes are reasonable and it's clear he wants his clients to be happy with the work he does. He really saved the day , though, just before Christmas when the storm blew down a large tree, took out the fence, teetered between ours and the neighbours property, tangled in their wires. I gave him a frantic phone call and although he was busy, he raced over and working against time, managed to methodically remove all debris before dark. It was awesome. His company is the first I would recommend to anyone looking for a quote on tree more
Allen Funston
Allen Funston
23:28 28 Mar 19
Yaniv and his team have completed multiple projects for our home now and his work is phenomenal! We have recommended him several times over the years to friends. He really has an eye for tree shape, knows SO much, and works very efficiently. I'd give him a 10 out of 5 if I could!read more
23:52 27 Mar 19
Fast response, on time, worked hard and efficiently. Yaniv was great to work with and answered all our questions, nice guy. Going to do some more work on our place more
Kathy Ingraham
Kathy Ingraham
15:39 24 Mar 19
They did an absolutely fantastic pruning job on my rather neglected hawthorn tree. Wish I had taken a before and after photo! He returned my calls promptly and did the job within the quoted time frame. Highly more
Katie K
Katie K
20:20 31 Aug 18
I needed a professional bush pruning service to renew my front yard. After searching on Google, I decided to call Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service based on many great customer reviews. Yaniv gave me a very reasonable quote and offered good suggestions on what could be done. I would love to give 10 out of 5 star rating as they did a fabulous job, totally exceeded 200% above my expectations. I will definitely call them again and recommend them to everyone!!! Thank you Yaniv for your excellent work!read more
Gayle Cooke
Gayle Cooke
22:19 12 Aug 18
"We just completed our second experience with Yanick and his team. One again , they scored 5 out of 5. This is an outstanding service...reliable, hard-working , friendly, capable and fairly priced. My neighbors and I can't recommend them enough"read more
Shelagh Pickard
Shelagh Pickard
23:55 08 Aug 18
We are so pleased with the work that Yaniv and his partner have done trimming a neighbour's huge laurel to open up our view. They are very professional, friendly, honest & hard-working and their fees are very more
Joray Espiritu
Joray Espiritu
22:12 07 Jun 18
Yaniv's service was top notch, professional and excellent in all aspects. He takes a lot of pride in his work and is very respectful. At the end, you get results that are above and beyond your expectations. Thank You Yaniv for your great service and work!!!!read more
Sophia Yeh
Sophia Yeh
04:29 12 Apr 18
The owner takes very good pride in his work and is very respectful to your property and your needs. He is always honest, fast and no nonsense and gets the job done. Doesnt stop till you are happy and satisfied, I have been using him for over 10 years and he has never let me downread more
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North Vancouver Tree Removal Service

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service works towards improving the health of trees in North Vancouver. Other than this, we know that there are some situations where tree removal is the best option for you.  Trees contribute a lot for commercial properties and even in improving the curb appeal to the landscape and building. However, those trees with undesired growth can threaten everyone’s life and can end up destroying property. Other than this, tree removal and care services demand special attention, expertise, and tools, therefore you may need a certified arborist to carry out the exercise. Therefore, if you’re thinking about  tree removal in your locality  or have any doubt whether to remove them or not, simply  make a call today for the best suggestion to your tree needs.

North Vancouver Tree Bylaw

The order you see with regards to the arrangement of houses, lawns and all you could think of in the streets of north Vancouver is due to the bylaw that regulates actions that can or cannot be carried out. The rules have a restriction on the number of trees that can be removed per citizen and conditions to which your permit would be considered. Somewhere in your thoughts you are viewing a possibility of cutting trees down unnoticed, as cool as that sounds the strict rules of North Vancouver would definitely fish you out and the consequences fine wise and other respects are drastic and uncool for the status of a citizen Rather than contract to cheap tree care contractors who devise improper route to getting the work down which certainly has its future consequence so why not trust us to undertake your task and because we are a licensed firm we can bear responsibility for any occurrence if at all there would be any.

Why Hire Us In North Vancouver

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service is a fast growing tree service company in North Vancouver. We have extensive experience that can address your concerns as a potential customer, Our team is a group of expert trained personnel. They undertake alongside a wealth of experience of over 3 years . We are the arborists that examine the trees of your property to make sure they’re not suffering from extensive damage, trim the offending branches to keep them growing and thriving.
To Prevent Injuries and Loss of Life
Preventing injuries and loss of life is one of the essential reasons to hire a professional for your tree removal task. Outgrown and old trees are in a position of posing the threat of regular branch falling. These branches can end up causing destruction of your property, severe injuries and even loss of life. However, you can avoid these losses by hiring a professional tree removal company.
To Save Money
Tree removal services are essential practices regarded as ‘undeniably valuable’. This description means that by hiring Aesthetic Tree tree removal service, you will get value to your money that you earned through a hard process. Mostly, these services go at a relatively low price since the process entails getting rid of the trees and cleaning up the area. You’ll always incur a lot of costs while doing it as an individual and then hire a company to do the cleaning. Other than this, carrying out tree removing or tree pruning as an individual can end up destroying your property, and you’ll always incur a lot of cost for its repair. Moreover, hiring professional tree removal services is the best option for reducing the risks of trees destroying the property foundation and the sewage system. Therefore, hiring a BBB accredited Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services means saving your money for other uses.
To Improve Curb Appeal
Tree removal is vital in improving the curb appeal. Yes, overgrown and overcrowded trees are in a position of enhancing the landscape to your home, but they make your house to look a bit disorganized. However, Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services will ensure that your home looks more organized and elegant by removing some of the trees. Our team may decide to remove some species of trees and use better-looking ones to improve the overall appearance of the yard.
To Promote Home Safety
If you don’t manage your trees, they can end up becoming hazardous since their dandling branches causes threats to lives and surrounding properties. Therefore, it is necessary that these branches get removed together with other property threatening trees. Trees removal help in ensuring home safety and reduction in risks caused to buildings and humans. Dead trees can decay and decompose, which means that they can fall anytime. Falling trees have high chances to damage your home, injure your family or affect the growth of other trees. However, tree cutting will help in preventing these risks.
To Enhance Tree Growth
Tree cutting dictates the healthy growth of other trees within the same environment. For the case of trees with stunted growth, you need an arborist to remove them and hence remain with the high-quality ones. By doing this, the unremoved trees will grow strong resulting in a magnificent landscape. For the best results, you need to entrust your project to Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services. We are highly-qualified and experienced professionals, responsible for the provision of satisfactory tree removal services.
To Reduce The Spread Of Tree Diseases
For the case where trees die or suffer from a particular tree disease, they are high chances for them to transmit it to other trees. The infection can affect the entire yard. Therefore, it is vital to hire us to remove these trees to reduce the spread of these infections to save your whole landscaping.
To Increase Home Value
Trees play an essential role in increasing home value. However, if you allow dead trees or trees to overgrow in the yard, the aesthetic beauty of the house will get compromised. Thus, tree removal is essential in making the yard look beautiful, and increasing the value of your home as a result.

Useful Tips 

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