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Our Professional Tree Services

We are excited to announce that we have extended our tree service to the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody areas.

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Tree Pruning

Tree Stump Removal

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True Artist At Work

Look, we’re not messing around when we claim that we provide ​aesthetic tree services. Our general manager is a true artist with a big heart. We ARE NOT some guys with industrial ear muffs that come in with our heavy leaf blowers, hacking away aimlessly at your dear vegetations. We ARE a team of tree experts that utilize professional, state-of-the-art equipment that maneuvers in all kinds of small areas. We pride ourselves on our climbing and rigging techniques and offer responsible removal for trees, shrubs, and hedges. Interested in making an art piece out of your tree? talk to us about our carving services. ​Aesthetic Tree & Hedges Services is WCB registered and FULLY INSURED.

Safety & Experience

You are looking at this site means that you have a major tree concern which probably requires some heavier duty tools. It goes without saying that working with power tools require experience and extreme care to be safe. Servicing a tree or trimming hedges requires utmost safety precautions, especially at higher grounds, or when climbing is involved.

When your life and future is at stake, why risk it?

​​Our team is highly trained and only uses the best tools to give you the absolute best tree service possible in the greater Vancouver area. We not only work on trees but we know the characteristics of our trees in the area. We also offer comprehensive consultation to your tree concerns.

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