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Tree Removal
Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service remove trees of any size and heights. We specialize in high-hazard removal with (between houses, close to power line, rotting or dead tree) more than 20 years of experience cutting trees all over the greater Vancouver area. Safety of your property and our staff are the number one priority. If you need Tree Removal in Vancouver, contact us today.
Tree Pruning
Pruning options include :
Fruits tree pruning (very important for good fruit yields for the following year)

Branch Pruning: Branches are pruned away from the house or power lines. Sometimes, prunings or toppings are performed to clear the views from a house.

Planting trees & hedges:
We provide services for planting trees & hedges of any size and kind.
Stump grinder:
Stump grinding is part of our service. The customer has the choice to have the tree stump completely removed or grained.


Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service has been providing full range tree services in the lower mainland for 20 years. Our core strength and repeated businesses based on raving customer referrals, is our professional tree removal procedure. So, do you need tree removal service?

Now, as appalling as that might sound, there are a number of healthy reasons to cut down a tree. Most of the time, a tree is removed when it processes significant safety factors to the surrounding structures.

Common occurrences include a tree grows to a height that would impact the neighboring power lines during strong wind and its close proximity to residential or commercial dwellings. In some instances, a struggling tree in poor health should also be carefully evaluated to ensure safety. Give us a call at (604)721-7370 for a stress-free, obligation free quote.


When to Remove a Tree and Do I Need a Permit?

On top of the hazardous reasons mentioned above, a tree that is in poor health can become a haven for pests and fungi, especially the rotting roots. In greater Vancouver, we see that many residents have troubling experiences with their trees following a harsh winter or a major storm. If you see signs of browning leaves or an unusual amount of foliages, give us a call at (604) 721-7370 for a stress-free consultation. 

In the event that attempts to save a tree are exhausted, a tree removal operation is required. Different cities within the lower mainland all have their own sets of rules. We encourage residents to familiarize themselves with local city bylaws surrounding the permits. Or, simply give us a call at (604) 721-7370 and we’ll let you know! Without the wait!


Hedge Removal Best Practices
In this article, we cover some basics of what should be considered before and while trimming your own hedge.

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