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Fall Tips: Tanglefoot

The tree is an essential part of our life; they provide us with oxygen and purify the air. It is essential to keep them protected from the damaging. Every weather can be harmful to the trees, so we have to take precautionary measures to save the trees. Extreme heat and cold can weaken the trees and result in great damage or even death of the tree. Besides the proper watering and trimming, the tree needs to be protected from pests and dangerous diseases. Tanglefoot is used to keep the trees protected from the pests.

What is the tanglefoot?

It is the sticky band designed to keep the tree healthy in the fall. Tanglefoot is a very useful and natural product used as a pesticide. It can keep the trees protected from the bugs that can damage them in the fall. Tanglefoot is commonly used to protect the tree from the worms, canker, cutworms, gypsy moths, ants, moths, caterpillars, weevils and many other dangerous insects.

Tanglefoot is a wrap, made from the vegetable waxes, vegetable oils, tree resins and tanglefoot glue. The tanglefoot wrapped around the trees to build a barrier between the canopy and the insects. The crawling insects will get stuck in the tanglefoot and didn’t reach on the top of the tree, and even the flying insects will attract towards the tanglefoot. Once the insect sits on the tanglefoot, it will never be able to move away, and the sticky substance will hold the insects and never let them go.

How to use tanglefoot?

Tanglefoot is the invention of the modern era, and it is getting popular over time. It is easy to use the tanglefoot for the protection of the trees but is require the proper knowledge about this product. You must also have some knowledge about the trees because every tree has different physical properties from each other.

There steps that will help you in using the tanglefoot:

  • First, you have to soften the tanglefoot with the help of the spatula. This will make the tanglefoot soft and mixes; it’s all ingredients well.
  • Wrap the specific area with the plastic film before applying the tanglefoot. Plastic film will keep your tree neat and clean from the tanglefoot. Apply the tanglefoot around the tree at least 1” wide. After a specific period of time, you can change the film and apply the tanglefoot again.
  • For maximum safety, you can apply the tanglefoot a few inches down of above the first band. This will built the two barriers for insects to cross.

If you ignore the importance of the tanglefoot, the insects will be reached on the cones of the tree and started laying eggs. They will also begin to eat the different parts of the tree, and in results, the tree will die.

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services also offers North Vancouver Tree Services that will help you in saving the trees from the weather and the insects in North Vancouver. We will guide you and suggest you the best suitable precautionary measures for the trees.

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