Tree Removal

Why do you need tree Removal?

There are many reasons to cut a tree. One of them can be a dead tree which with time can pose a hazard to the surrounding. A dead tree can break and cause substantial damage to the property or harm someone.

Another reason to cut a tree when the roots of a tree start to damage the foundation of a property. In some cases when a tree was planted top close to the house the piping and structures can be compromised by the growing roots. Cutting a tree down, also known as felling, requires a great amount of technical skill. This is not something to do yourself and it should always be left to a trained, professional arborist. An arborist will come equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure that a tree is properly and safely chopped down.

There are numerous safety concerns that must be considered when cutting a tree down.

Cutting a tree near power lines. Working near power lines is very dangerous. Without proper procedures, you could end up knocking out the power in the neighborhood, or worse, electrocuting yourself.

Removing a tree while using the improper equipment. This is a common and lethal mistake during the process of tree removal. We at Aesthetic Tree only utilize top of the line equipment that includes hard hat, climbing equipment, safety pens, ropes, and wood chippers.

For a tree removal, you should always use a professional arborist, don’t take any unnecessary chances, give us a call now.